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What a week. Abolish Ice at the base of the Statue of Liberty on the 4th of July. A lady scales the Statue of Liberty in protest. Kino Jimenez snatches a MAGA hat off a racist teenagers head, then throws a soda on him. There are butterflies in my belly. I fucking love it. Alright, … Continue reading Whataracist

Brace Yourselves

Chingaderas are coming. July will be the busiest and hottest month in recent memory for the Cooper tribe. I can’t stand my last name by the way. How British is Cooper? I think it’s a little late in the game to change it but I know the option is there. I’ve always loved the family … Continue reading Brace Yourselves

Misery Junky

Hello. I just received an email from Tumblr (remember that) of the five-year anniversary of Misery Junky. What’s Misery Junky? It’s an old blog I had that, for some reason,  seems to be my most noted work. A few months ago, I was at Tacoland and a young man came up to me, pointed, and … Continue reading Misery Junky


On limpid days, I remember the feel of his beard stubble Brushing against my forehead and cheek. A warm breeze flowing between us, He’d place a baseball cap on my head, Point at a horse trotting in the distance while the sun rose up over the acre of his farm.   Now the tattoo of … Continue reading Jefe

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